Write! But Clean Up Your Act.

Blue Sky writing series continues…

This is the second post in the Blue Sky writing series.

So now you have a blog and have posted a few entries, it’s time to think about correcting those little spelling and grammar issues. Why? Because good grammar is sexy and it’s dreadful to read a story while correcting the spelling in your head. It’s a huge distraction, and if you keep doing it, readers will become tired of it. Even if you’re only writing for fun, it never hurts to get better as you go. Here are several apps that can help you fix grammatical issues while also increasing the creativity of your post. But be careful! Overuse of some of these apps will rob you of your distinct ‘voice,’ style, and peculiarities that make your posts delightful and unique.

  1. Grammarly does basic spell check and plagiarism checks. It is also free.Grammarly
  2. QuillBot is fantastic when you feel like your sentences are dull and uninspirational. Its paraphrasing tool offers a few options to make your writing stand out.
  3. Rytr will help you with paragraphs, ideas AND content. It’s a great tool for those slow days when you feel stuck but you want to stay loyal to your writing habit of at least one post a day.Rytr · Best AI Writer, Content Generator & Writing Assistant
  4. Hemingway – take a look: Hemingway Editor

Remember, these apps will serve you well if you learn from them. Depending on the apps will slow down your learning.

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