Mother’s Day

I opened my social media app this morning, and saw that it was flooded with Mother’s Day messages. Beautiful pictures, poems and little love notes.

Unfortunately I am not one for remembering all these special days, so my input is just the bare minimum. However, I did connect with my mom and dad this morning through a video call and had a wonderful couple of hours chatting about our favorite subject – religion.

It was an awesome time, both parents just finished their church service and I was waiting to get connected with mine (during this Covid-19 times, we are attending online church!).

So my parents and I had a great conversation and Bible discussion. It was fun and exhilarating as we all love God and are on a journey together learning as we go.

Later, I thought what a blessing it was that children and parents could have such joyful communion. Is this not the desired end of special days such as Mother’s day and Father’s day?

As I read through some heart-warming love letters written to mothers on social media, I did wonder..were these communications limited to the internet? How have relationships grown between parents and children as they age? Is there a secret formula that we can use to ensure great bonds between family members?

I am without a clue. However, there were certain things we did whilst growing up, which may have contributed to the current extremely satisfactory state of affairs in my family.

Here are some things I remember from my teenage years:

a. I don’t remember sulking. Ever. If there was a problem, we had to fight it out with mom and dad.

b. As we grew older, we were allowed to have a ‘voice’ in the house. Our input mattered.

c. Arguments were heated but fun.

d. Mom was never idle, Dad was never too busy.

I don’t know how it all fit in. But something worked . I hope someday with God’s grace I will have this same closeness with my children, and then everyday will be Mother’s day for me!

Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.
Exodus 20:12

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